Tests for the production control program

The program (plan) of production control is an integral part of the package of permits for trade and starting business.

The purpose of industrial control is to ensure safety for humans and their environment by implementing sanitary norms and rules, sanitary and anti-epidemic (preventive) measures, as well as organizing and monitoring their compliance.

The CPC includes a list of measures aimed at compliance with the company’s sanitary legislation, as well as a schedule for their implementation.

The list of measures includes: deratization, disinfection, disinsection, quality control of disinfection, product quality control, control of staff health, laboratory measurements in the workplace, sterilization control, and others.

As part of the development of the production control program, our laboratory can offer you the following services:

  • determination of the sanitary and hygienic condition of premises;
  • conducting laboratory tests for microbiological and other safety indicators of public catering products;
  • conducting laboratory tests of drinking water for organoleptic, physico-chemical, microbiological, bacteriological parameters;
  • sanitary and microbiological studies of washouts from the surfaces of workers ‘ hands, equipment, tables, workwear;
  • swabs from the ventilation (TBC);
  • conducting flushing sampling;
  • sampling of raw materials and finished products.

The collection of flushes and sampling is carried out by our laboratory assistants, in accordance with established methods. High-quality sampling, as well as the conduct of the study itself, affects the:

  • accurate identification of the pathway of infectious diseases;
  • determining the correct food storage conditions;
  • the possibility of reducing the risk of food poisoning.

A high-quality individual production control plan gives you confidence when passing inspections by various Supervisory authorities. In turn, monitoring of analyses and improving sanitary standards in public catering establishments and production facilities improve the quality of products. Do not worry about the quality of the tests – order microbiological studies in our testing center.