About the testing center

The center has an accreditation certificate No. RA.RU.21ОА15 issued by the Federal Accreditation Service in 2019, as well as license No. for carrying out activities related to the use of pathogens of III-IV pathogenicity groups issued Federal Service for Supervision of Consumer Rights Protection and Human Welfare.

The testing center of JSC "OZ Test" was included in the national part by the decision of 08.24.2020 Unified register conformity assessment bodies of the Customs Union

Decision number on inclusion in the national part of the Na-11

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test procedures


sq.m testing center area


Our testing of products based on Technical regulations of the Customs Union


  • Accurate Test Results

    The exact result is not an accident: our testing center ensures repeatability of results, reproducibility of test conditions, monitoring of the conditions for obtaining test reports, as well as the proximity of the correspondence between individual test results.

  • Legally Confirmed Documents

    Each issued certificate and declaration complies with current Russian or international quality standards. Our experts monitor the smallest innovations in the legislative standardization base.

  • The latest modern equipment

    Reliability and accuracy are the foundation of material testing. The OZ Test testing center is equipped with the latest equipment and software that guarantee continuous monitoring of test results.

  • High-level specialists whose experience and qualifications are time-tested

    Candidates of science, developers of methodological materials and standards for conducting a number of tests on Russian equipment - high-class specialists at the OZ Test testing center are constantly improving their skills to perform the most difficult tasks in a quality, accurate and timely manner.

The main activity of the test center of JSC "OZ Test" is testing of food products, feed, drinking water, perfumes and cosmetics for compliance with regulatory requirements.

Testing of food products is a mandatory step in the preparation of documents on confirmation of conformity, such as a certificate of state registration, a declaration of conformity, a certificate of conformity.

The testing center of OZ Test JSC meets all the criteria of technical competence put forward by Russian and international quality regulators.

By ordering tests at an accredited testing center of OZ Test JSC, you save time and financial resources, as opposed to maintaining your own testing center.

Our specialists

  • Have diplomas of higher education from leading technological and medical universities
  • Continuing professional development courses
  • Receive additional professional education
  • Participate in seminars, conferences
  • Have a Ph.D.
  • They are developers of methodological materials for the identification of toxic elements for testing on Russian equipment
  • We took part in the development of standards for the determination of synthetic dyes in alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks

We participate in interlaboratory comparison tests and interact with Roskachestvo


Excellent equipment of the testing center, combined with the highest professionalism and qualifications of the personnel, allows us to provide high accuracy analyzes of safety indicators and product quality.

  • Automatic liquid dispenser as part of a gas chromatograph

  • Extraction apparatus for the quantitative separation of a substance from a mixture using organic solvents

  • Autoclaves

  • Thermostats for microbial incubation

  • Microscope

  • Gas chromatographs

  • Sample preparation for PCR

  • Three chromatography liquid chromatograph

  • Physicochemical Testing Room