Direction on spectrometric and physicochemical analysis methods

Test Equipment

  • Atomic absorption spectrometers with electrothermal and flame atomization
  • Milk analyzer
  • Mercury analyzer
  • Spectrometric installation
  • Flour whitener
  • The device for determining the number of falls
  • pH meter / ionomer
  • pH meter water analyzer
  • Photoelectric photometer
  • Extraction apparatus for the quantitative separation of a substance from a mixture using organic solvents
  • Protein analyzer

We determine the following safety indicators:

  • Determination of the specific activity of Cesium Cs-137, strontium Sr-90 in food products, food raw materials, feed

  • Tests of drinking water, mineral water, including bottled, for compliance with radiation safety requirements:

    • determination of total specific alpha activity, beta activity
    • determination of the specific activity of radon Rn-222
  • Determination of organoleptic indicators
  • Determination of physical and chemical parameters (acidity, mass fraction of moisture, mass fraction of protein, mass fraction of fat, mass fraction of sodium chloride, mass fraction of total ash, mass fraction of sodium nitrite, mass fraction of total phosphorus, peroxide and acid numbers, mass fraction of SOMO, etc. )
  • Determination of lead, cadmium, arsenic, mercury
  • Determination of calcium, iron, nickel, copper
  • Determination of the mass fraction of sorbic and benzoic acids and their salts
  • Determination of hydrogen ion concentration (pH)
  • Determination of water indicators (taste, smell, turbidity, color, permanganate oxidizability, surfactants, total mineralization (dry residue), determination of dry residue content, etc.)