Confirmation of expiration dates

In the settlement of disputes, the main argument of the manufacturer in favor of its good faith is the product test report for the expiration date.

In accordance with TR CU 021/2011, shelf life of food products are established by the manufacturer alone due to the shelf life of raw materials, shelf life of similar products, which is subject to GOST, as well as considering the method of production and degree of automation of technological processes, based on the recommendations of the manufacturer of packaging and packaging materials, etc.

After the manufacturer has taken into account all the necessary factors, the shelf life of the product is set and then you can proceed to issue an official confirmation that during this period of time the product will be:

  • maintain their consumer properties stated in the label;
  • fully comply with the safety requirements imposed on it (established by the corresponding TR CU);
  • safe for Toxicological, microbiological and other indicators.

The document confirming all these conditions is a test report issued by an accredited testing laboratory.

The testing center “OZ Test” has a narrow specialization in testing food products. Experienced laboratory technicians will perform all the necessary tests in accordance with the specifics of your particular product. Reliability and accuracy are the basis of our tests. Our center is equipped with the latest equipment and software that guarantee continuous monitoring of test results.

If you need to conduct product tests to confirm the expiration date or get other documents for the food industry, send requests to the specialists of the “OZ Test” IC to clarify the cost, terms and necessary documents.