Accreditation Area

The main activity of the test center of JSC "OZ Test" is testing of food products, feed, drinking water, perfumes and cosmetics for compliance with regulatory requirements.

Testing of food products is a mandatory step in the preparation of documents on confirmation of conformity, such as a certificate of state registration, a declaration of conformity, a certificate of conformity.

Technical regulations

  • TR CU 009/2011 "On the safety of perfumes and cosmetics"
  • TR CU 015/2011 "On the safety of grain"
  • TR CU 021/2011 "On the safety of food products"
  • TR CU 023/2011 "Technical regulations for juice products from fruits and vegetables"
  • TR CU 024/2011 "Technical regulations for oil and butterfat products"
  • TR CU 027/2012 "On the safety of certain types of specialized food products, including dietary therapeutic and preventive dietetic nutrition"
  • TR CU 029/2012 "Safety requirements for food additives, flavorings and technological aids"
  • TR CU 033/2013 “On the safety of milk and dairy products”
  • TR CU 034/2013 “On the safety of meat and meat products”
  • EAEU TR 040/2016 “On the safety of fish and fish products”
  • EAEU TR 044/2017 “On the safety of packaged drinking water, including natural mineral water”

Destination Categories

  • Meat and meat products

  • Sugar and confectionery

  • Poultry, eggs and their processed products

  • Feed and feed

  • Fish, non-fish fishing objects and products produced from them

  • Products of dietary therapeutic and dietary preventive nutrition

  • Milk and Dairy Products

  • Drinking water, including bottled

  • Oilseeds and fatty foods

  • Baby food

  • Non-alcoholic and alcoholic drinks

  • Perfume and cosmetic products

  • Fruits and vegetables

  • Grain (seeds), flour and cereals and bakery products

  • Biologically active food additives, flavors and other products