Gennady Panin visited the new testing center OZ Test

The OZ Test test center was opened in January 2020 in Orekhovo-Zuevo. It took more than 3 years to build the complex, including overhaul of 2 floors of the building, and about 300 million rubles of private investment was invested in construction, including in the ventilation system inside the laboratory, which was designed and installed using the latest technologies. The center is provided with the latest equipment, including Russian manufacturers, which allows testing at an appropriate level.

The created workplaces meet modern safety requirements, which, together with a high level of specialists, allows you to perform complex tasks. For productive and high-quality work, the process of transferring experience to young specialists has been streamlined: experienced specialists by personal example motivate young colleagues for high-quality work and professional growth.

Our chemists use 2500 test methods in their work. Carrying out tests in the laboratory of the OZ Test is a mandatory step in the preparation of documents on confirmation of conformity, such as the Certificate of State Registration, Declaration of Conformity and Certificate of Conformity.
Our chemists can decompose any product of household chemicals, perfumes and cosmetics into components, and also the food industry and animal feed.
For example, we can test ordinary water for 86 points!

Young specialists who are ready to work in a modern company have a unique opportunity to work on modern equipment, under the guidance of experienced mentors, with the opportunity to constantly improve their professional level.

The head of the district Gennady Panin visited the new test center in Orekhovo-Zuevo. The laboratories employ 21 people, including graduates of the Faculty of Biology and Chemistry of the local State Technical University.